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A Wedding Photographer's Manifesto

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As a creative photographer, I spend a lot of time searching for original poses, accessories and other ideas. Standing right behind me with a crappy camera while shooting the exact same scene I just spent a lot of time building, is not cool. Yes, I'm talking to you, Uncle Bob.

Wedding photography is expensive. Most people don't understand why they have to pay all that money for one day's work. Here's why:
  1. Before we got to the point were people started booking us, we spent years living in debt, trying to invest in our future.
  2. We often stay at your wedding for more then 15 hours. That's not one working day, that's two working days.
  3.  Every good photographer spends at least two or three days selecting and post-processing. (we take out the pictures where you have your eyes closed, you have stuff hanging between your teeth and your dad's head is all blurry. Then we take the best pictures and we make them phenomenal.) That's a working week already.
  4. Then we make albums, at least another two working days.
  5. Say an average wedding costs 1400€. We pay up to 60% of that amount to taxes. Another 25% goes to our equipment, schooling, insurance and costs. That leaves us with maximum of 430€ for seven days. That's about 60€ a day, and we work on weekends and holidays, all summer long, while the rest of you is swimming in some ocean somewhere warm and exotic.
  6. Besides all this, we have to do our own marketing, accountancy, pr and keep up to date with all the latest techniques. That' a job on it's own, which we work on in the dark hours, and don't get payed for.
Even though not all photographers think of themselves like this, I think I speak for most of us if I say I consider wedding photography to be an artform. We try to find out what kind of people we're dealing with, so we can make them some fabulous pictures that represent their personalities. In doing this, we stay true to our own unique style and ideas.

When you hire a photographer, you hire an artist. Selecting the photographs is part of the process, just as a sketchbook is part of the process of painting. Who would demand a portrait painter to give up his sketches? This said, asking a photographer for unprocessed, non-selected pictures, is not done and just as unrespectful. Colleagues of mine are getting sued because they refuse to hand over all the pictures that were made that day.

I've noticed a lot of young people are taking up wedding photography with a whole lot of fun ideas and passion. In order to keep this flow going, there is a desperate need for respect and understanding towards this profession. When people love our work, we're on cloud nine, but when people start threatening us as if we were criminals, it's sometimes hard to keep calm and shoot on.